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  • Sheryl Benson

We've found another aspect of glass that we just love to do...Glass Beaded Jewelry! We are making Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces...we are busy photographing and putting them up on the website and creating new pieces daily. Stay tuned!

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  • Sheryl Benson

We debuted our Holiday Lights at the Upper Cape Craft Fair on Nov 19& 20 and they were a big hit! It was fun to watch people look at them and realize that their grandmother had that bowl and used it every holiday. We have found the cut glass to be so beautiful and even more so when recycled into our Christmas lights! If you see anything that interests you, let will look great on your Holiday table.!

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  • Sheryl Benson

Here are just a few of our new creations from recycled glass. These are made for inside use, a great center focus for your table, a Fireplace mantel focus that you can add your personal treasures, or a special focus to light that room, bringing the Holidays to all of your house. GG Holiday Lights will be premiering at the Upper Cape Craft Fair on Sat 11/19 & Sun11/20. We are in the gym, so shop us first!

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