• Sheryl Benson

We've started making Windows! The first step is sanding down the old windows. Its amazing the history of paint on them, multiple colors and when we are lucky the glass is old and has that mystical quality...Stay tuned for the new creations as we take the next step in painting and etching the designs.

  • Sheryl Benson

Missing the beach due to COVID19? Bring this home and put it in your office window! The Anchor grounds us to the deep soul while Birds remind us to take flight and create our dreams. When I create a piece, I start with the design which becomes the center and then all the bits and pieces of glass, shell, and embellishments start to make noise. I usually have many pieces spread out in front of me before the final design falls into place. There is a bit of magic that happens as I pour the resin and suddenly all the pieces find their right places to make the final piece. It's a combination of the energy flowing into the fingertips and creation happens...Its great fun!

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