• Sheryl Benson

This piece I call Full came together after sorting through the pieces of glass that Jan found from a former stained glass artist(Jan is the Queen of finding treasures in yard sales virtual and physical!). It opens the world to all possibilities and we really need that right now! When the light shines through this piece, you see something new every time you look at see more views, view it on our website in the Framed Glass Art

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  • Sheryl Benson

Greek Poseidon or Roman Neptune is known as the God of the Seas. His magic three prong Trident represents the seas, streams, and rivers; He can create the storms or calm seas. He is also known for creating the the Horse and the God of horsemanship as well the god of Fisherman and Sailors. So this would be great for a window in the Barn or on a Boat! Or use it for a Cape Noreastah!

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The legend of Celtic Cross comes from St Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland but its roots are much older and steeped in the Spirit of Nature and those that followed the guidance of balance in all aspects. The circle that joins the 4 directions of Spirit represents UNITY and LIGHT. The center of the Cross is LOVE. So no matter what your beliefs, this symbol brings LIGHT to every day! We all need more of that right now! We are still shipping our art with minimal handling.