To install your Glass Girls Garden Flower you will need a length of ¾ inch

copper or other pipe (available at a home improvement store).

We display ours on a 3 foot length of copper pipe (as shown).

Place your pipe in the garden where you want the art to be.

Use a mallet to tap one end of the pipe into the ground.

After the pipe is installed snugly into the ground, insert the

spoon handle on the back of your piece into the top of the

copper pipe.


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Come see us at the Festival on the Hedge House Lawn in Plymouth next Saturday -Garden Flowers and Littles will be on display!

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Bring Color and Light to your garden today with a GG Garden Flower. Just place a PVC pipe( you can spay paint to match) or copper piping from your local hardware in your garden and Voila! Your Garden is blooming! You can order on our website: or see them on display at the Plymouth Center for the Arts Artisan store, 11 North Street, Plymouth.

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