Our littles are joyous creations that bring a ray of hope and light to everyone. Each one is unique as we create as the spirit moves us. Our littles are available on our or at the Plymouth Center for the Arts Artisan Shop on 11North Street, Plymouth MA.

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Bring some color and light into your garden plans with a Glass Girls Flower! Our flowers are made of found old china and glass objects that you can place easily on PVC pipe(which you can spray paint to the color of your choice) or use a copper pipe. Both can be found at your local hardware or home supply stores. We have GGFlowers on view at The Plymouth Center for the Arts Artisan shop, located on 11 North Street, Plymouth, MA or on our

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We've had a lot of FUN with creating the Littles...This group will be available in the PCA Artisan Shop,11 North St.,Plymouth MA. Need an Easter Gift? Stop in and see them in the windows!

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