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Meet Aidan-One of our Pup Advisors

So, in the interest of home schooling, the blog is being written by our newest addition to the pack, Aidan. He is a 6 month old Golden Retriever who enjoys his life here on Cape Cod and is chronicling his time in this pandemic.

April 3

Boy, what a day today!! Mom started the day off with Ozzy (my 3 year old Coton de Tulear brother) and I doing some nosework. I LOVE nosework. Mom hides treats in boxes and I find them. ALL of them! I’m pretty good at it too. Then Mom decided to clean up the basement room so she and Sheryl can do their Glass Girls stuff there when we can all get back together (which I hope is real soon!!). It got a little boring waiting for her so I grabbed my new harness off the kitchen island (it smelled too new, it needed modification) and dragged it into the family room. I might have also knocked a few other things off the island in my enthusiasm.

Mom was not as thrilled about the harness modifications as I was. She was mumbling about having to order a new one because I chewed it up. Duh, I SAID it needed modifications!! The rest of the day went pretty smoothly with my meals arriving on time, taking needed naps and playing with my big bro. Mom was making supper for her and the other human (she calls him Rich and I like him very much) when she started looking all around the kitchen for something. She finally took a yardstick and swiped under the oven. Out popped her phone! (It might have accidentally been knocked off the island as I’ve mentioned). A stray popcorn kernel flew out too and I got it before Ozzy!!

Bedtime came soon after and I was not sorry. Mom said tomorrow we might go for a car ride. I miss them. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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